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Hive Data Center Network

Hive POP Data Center Name PeeringDB / Website
2800tc Vantage QC4
2900mc Vantage QC1
2675pt Vantage QC2
6500tc Netsolid
390mr Pure Colo Kanata
151ft Coloware YTZ1

General ASN Information


BGP Community (33185:xyz) Description
33185:100 Transit
33185:10028 From 2800tc
33185:10026 From 2675pt
33185:10029 From 2900mc
33185:10039 From 390mr
33185:200 Peering
33185:20028 From 2800tc
33185:20026 From 2675pt
33185:20029 From 2900mc
33185:20039 From 390mr
33185:20015 From 151ft
33185:2100 Customer
33185:21028 From 2800tc
33185:21026 From 2675pt
33185:21029 From 2900mc
33185:21039 From 390mr
33185:21065 From 6500tc
33185:21015 From 151ft
33185:2200 Hive Route
33185:22028 From 2800tc
33185:22026 From 2675pt
33185:22029 From 2900mc
33185:22039 From 390mr
33185:22065 From 6500tc
33185:22015 From 151ft
Route Type Local pref
Sub preferred Transit (only used for latency optimization) 95
Standard Transit 100
IX Route Server 125
IX bilateral peering 150
PNI / Cache Server 155
Customer 175

Customer controlled communities (eBGP session required with public ASN)

Community Action
33185:666 Blackhole
33185:51331 Global prepend AS33185 Once
33185:52331 Global prepend AS33185 Twice
33185:53331 Global prepend AS33185 Thrice
33185:50174 Do not advertise to Cogent AS174
33185:51174 Prepend AS33185 Once to Cogent AS174
33185:52174 Prepend AS33185 Twice to Cogent AS174
33185:53174 Prepend AS33185 Thrice to Cogent AS174
33185:50646 Do not advertise to Zayo AS6461
33185:51646 Prepend AS33185 Once to Zayo AS6461
33185:52646 Prepend AS33185 Twice to Zayo AS6461
33185:53646 Prepend AS33185 Thrice to Zayo AS6461
33185:50129 Do not advertise to Arelion AS1299
33185:51129 Prepend AS33185 Once to Arelion AS1299
33185:52129 Prepend AS33185 Twice to Arelion AS1299
33185:53129 Prepend AS33185 Thrice to Arelion AS1299
33185:50325 Do not advertise to GTT/Exa AS3257
3185:51325 Prepend AS33185 Once to GTT/Exa AS3257
3185:52325 Prepend AS33185 Twice to GTT/Exa AS3257
3185:53325 Prepend AS33185 Thrice to GTT/Exa AS3257

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